SAMURAI supported the second Women’s Sports Alliance x Halfspace Athlete Advancement Series event held in London this summer.

Hosted on Tuesday 9th August in London, we got to see first-hand how this event is integral to the evolution of women's sport.

The Women’s Sporting Alliance (WSA) is a global story-telling platform, designed to champion women’s sport. Helping to lend a voice to those with a story to tell, the WSA grants an opportunity to celebrate inspirational stories, successes and achievements from incredible athletes in women’s sport - aiming to inspire and empower the next generation of talent.

As part of this goal, the Women’s Sports Alliance, in partnership with the Halfspace Group, launched the Athlete Advancement Series - a new initiative designed specifically to provide the athletes in women’s sport the knowledge and correct tools to develop new commercial opportunities. 



After the success of the first event, held earlier in the spring of 2022, the second instalment provided another opportunity for all excelling in women’s sport to share stories and to discover ways to help expand their knowledge and inspire others.

Scarlet Fulton, our Social Media and Partnerships Executive, attended the event to learn more about these empowering women and why representation matters: “SAMURAI are thrilled to be a part of a rapidly growing movement dedicated to celebrating and championing women’s sport. We think it essential to tell the stories of women who push forward to grow personally as well as inspiring others to do the same.” 



The event hosted keynote speeches and talks with many industry leading experts from content and law to data and social media. One such talk included WSA founder Jordan Guard speaking with Olympian Montell Douglas, Australian Olympian and World Cup footballer Alicia Ferguson-Cook and Emma Groome of the English Institute of Sport on career transitions and the impact such a change can have on mental wellbeing. 

These talks are really important to communicate and demonstrate the hardships experienced by women athletes throughout their sporting careers and beyond, and to begin the conversation of what we can do to better women’s sport as a community.



SAMURAI are proud to be affiliated with the Women’s Sports Alliance and will continue to support them in the endeavour to celebrate and champion the athletes in women’s sport. 

For more information on the Athlete Advancement Series click here, alternatively check out the Women’s Sporting Alliance website to learn more about the organisation.


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