Unveiling the kit for the 2023 series, SAMURAI and PR7s reveal the exclusive designs created for this year's teams that will be seen across the entire competition. 

Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s) is the first professional rugby sports league of its kind - one where both women’s and men’s teams are paid and treated equally. The groundbreaking series takes place in North America and this year we will see more men’s and women's teams than ever, including favourites Experts, Loonies, Loggerheads and Headliners as well as newcomers Locals, Team, Retrievers and Steel Toes. The growing popularity amongst fans across the world is allowing the expansion of the series, and in 2023 the competition is promising to be bigger and better than ever.

Our team of designers at SAMURAI have been working closely with PR7s to create some of the most eye-catching and unique designs ever seen at the series, each with a concept that reflects the spirit of each team. Check out the exclusive kits below:


LOGGERHEADS @loggerheadspr7s

Using the graphic elements and accent colours of the Loggerheads logo as inspiration, this shirt concept takes a closer look at the intricate and detailed formations found on rocks within the Grand Canyon, creating a wave of abstract forms and geometric shapes.

Loggerheads PR7s


EXPERTS @expertspr7s

This concept combines traditional Native American patterns with the distinct mountainous ranges of the Rocky Mountains, referencing the reflections of these structures on the lakes found throughout the vast landscape in the symmetry of the design.

Experts PR7s


LOONIES | @looniespr7s

Studying the intricacies of the Art Deco period of design and architecture found in Chicago, this concept looks to replicate the ornate geometric structures whilst maintaining the identity of the Loonies team and spirit within the colour palette and star motif.



HEADLINERS @headlinerspr7s

Creating a visual interpretation of the vibrant music scene found throughout the southern states, this concept uses structures and forms from musical instruments as well as incorporating the electric festival atmosphere of Madi Gras, Jazz and Rock‘n’Roll to create a dynamic energetic design.

Headliners PR7s


LOCALS | @localspr7s

Drawing inspiration from ‘The Lost Subway of NYC’, this concept features a spiralling design influenced by the tiles disappearing into the depths of the tunnel. This design creates a sense of movement, mimicking the motion of a barrelling train or an opponent on the field.

Locals PR7s


TEAM | @teampr7s

This concept is inspired by the landscapes of southern ranches, with particular attention to traditional embroidered designs found on cowboy attire, with a detailed pattern combining animal and decorative motifs in the background.

Team PR7s


RETRIEVERS | @retrieverspr7s

Studying the snaking elevations and colours of the Oregon landscape, this concept features a unique texture that resembles and imitates the rough, rugged terrain and the trees that adorn it.

Retrievers PR7s


STEEL TOES | @steeltoespr7s

Inspired by the long-standing steel industry of Pittsburgh, the ‘City of Bridges’ and ‘The Steel City’, the concept of this shirt references the strong structural lines and patterns found in steel architecture, primarily the Fort Pitt Bridge and the historic Union Station Rotunda. Accent colours sourced from the Steel Toes logo heavily influence the design, from the yellow bridges that line the rivers to the grey tones of the cloudy skies and surrounding steel constructions. 

Steel Toes PR7s


Which is your favourite? Keep your eyes on our and the PR7s social channels to see the teams in action on the pitch. 

For more information on the PR7s series, visit their official website here.