As excitement builds in the lead up to this year's Premier Rugby Sevens season, SAMURAI have collaborated with PR7s to unveil their new kit, revealing the brand new designs that will feature across the entire competition.

Premier Rugby Sevens (PR7s) is the first professional rugby sports league of its kind - one where both women’s and men’s teams are paid and treated equally. The groundbreaking series takes place in North America and this year we will see the men’s and women's teams of the Experts, Loonies, Loggerheads and Headliners compete mightily to win the title. 

The successful inaugural championship of 2021 paved the way for another electrifying season, with three tournaments starting this year in San Jose, followed by Washington D.C. and Austin. With an added focus on accessibility and brand new content for fans, this year is set to be bigger and better than ever, with PR7s efforts having been expanded to host a whole season. 

Our designers from Team SAMURAI have collaborated with PR7s to produce the unique designs featured on their kits this year, working hard to create designs that represent and reflect each team, drawing inspiration from the club logos and geographical areas. Check out the exclusive kits below:



Using the graphic elements and accent colours of the Experts logo as inspiration, this design uses a combination of geometric linear patterns and subtle gradients to create a clean and modern composition.




Created to reflect the cooler climate, this kit design takes artistic elements from the Loonies logo and integrates those into the illustrative design; with clear starry skies, natural surroundings and colour scheme designed with focus on the geographical region.




Incorporating the sea and turtle theme from the Loggerheads logo, this design continues the motif by using the connecting plates of a turtle’s shell to inspire a pattern of arranged hexagonal panels, stylistically reflecting the turtle’s form. A deep blue gradient is then used to create an emphasis on the sea to land concept.




Inspired by rock music, this kit took influence from posters and graphics of the grunge scene to create a bold and vibrant design that still retains its edge. The core colours of the logo combined with a distorted textured background creates a strong contrast and impact, as reflected from the genre.


“As a longtime advocate of rugby sevens, SAMURAI played an integral role in our league’s debut last fall, and I’m thrilled they will be our partner into the future,” said Owen Scannell, CEO of Premier Rugby Sevens. “PR7s players and fans provided incredibly positive feedback about our Samurai products in 2021 and the early feedback is tremendous in 2022 following the reveal. I know the players and fans are excited to get their gear for this summer's season.”

We can’t wait to see these kits in action on the pitch.

For more information on the upcoming PR7s tournament, visit their official website here.


July 01, 2022 — Samurai Sportswear