Garment Care


We advise washing your garments promptly after each use so stains and damp smells do not hold fast. If your garment does become heavily stained please leave it to soak for one to three hours with detergent in the warmest water safe for the fabric before washing.

Before placing in the washing machine close all zips, undo all buttons and flatten-out collars and cuffs. Check pockets and linings for loose or sharp objects and always turn your garments inside-out to reduce abrasion so avoiding contamination from other garments.

Check your garment care label for the correct washing temperature and follow the instructions to ensure they come out looking their best.


To avoid shrinking and damage we do not recommend tumble drying any Samurai Sportswear garments.

Please naturally dry your garments after putting them in to shape when damp.


Before ironing your garment ensure that it is turned inside-out.

We always recommend ironing your garments on the lowest heat setting to avoid any damage.

Do not iron any printed decoration such as names, numbers or logos.

Use a damp cloth underneath your iron or use a steam iron to avoid shine.

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