Ten top tips for recycling your Samurai Sportswear product packaging:


• Create starter pots for plants by poking holes in the bottom of the bags, filling with soil and planting seeds. You can also cover small pots with plastic bags to create a mini greenhouse and help plants sprout

• Keep paint rollers or brushes from drying out if you want to take a break from decorating or use plastic bags to line your paint pan rather than a disposable plastic pan liner

• Use it to pack shoes when travelling to keep them from getting scuffed and to keep other items in your suitcase from getting dirty

• Store wet umbrellas to keep your seats/floor/handbag dry

• Store stamps, envelopes, pens, stationery items and small first-aid items in the car

• Line small bins – eg in the bathroom – instead of buying new liners

• Separate wet clothes from dry, and dirty clothes from clean

• Mailing something fragile? Wrap it in a plastic bag instead of newly-bought bubble wrap

• Look for your nearest plastic bag recycling facility at your local big supermarket

• Use the plastic bag to store more reusable plastic bags!

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