Suffolk Saxons

Established: 2016

Suffolk Saxons play the AJ Bell National Badminton League. Based in the county of Suffolk, the Saxons team has  signed some excellent players, led by head coach Anthony Clark. The name Suffolk Saxons and the team’s logo pays tribute to Suffolk’s unique importance in the history of Anglo Saxon Britain. 1400 years ago, a great warrior was laid to rest in a 90ft ship at Sutton Hoo, in Suffolk, surrounded by extraordinary treasures. This king is widely believed to be King Raedwald, a High King of all the Saxon Kingdoms. His grave is one of the greatest archealogical discoveries in British history and the Suffolk Saxons will embody the spirit of this warrior king as they storm the National Badminton League.


Samurai are extremely proud to be providing Suffolk Saxons badminton with their quality custom teamwear. Our match and training kit will ensure that the Saxons are always ready for battle, as they establish themselves as one of the best badminton teams in the country.


Twitter: @SuffolkSaxons

Suffolk Saxons Badminton