We are operating our business as (un)usual, still delivering direct to your club.


Owning our supply chain end-to-end means we have the full range of fabrics in sufficient stock quantity in our factory, so we can continue to produce the entire range of fully customised teamwear, without compromising our technical standards.


Our Chinese team members have done an amazing job in managing Covid-19 through frequent testing & isolation, showing formidable Samurai discipline. The same applies to our staff in Hong Kong, Ireland and New Zealand. As a result, our factory is at full strength and our manufacturing capacity normal.


Our UK design and order processing teams have switched to a safer mode of operation based on remote working, staggered working hours, prohibition of meetings with more than 3 people, and a heavier reliance on email communications. We have a backup design team in New Zealand, and backup sales enquiry and order processing teams in Ireland, Hong Kong and New Zealand, all of whom work entirely online.


We continued trading internationally through 9/11, SARS in 2003, and the 2008 global financial crisis. We learned some lessons the hard way but as a result we became nimble and agile in using an array of shipping types and routes to get deliveries across borders to customers in 24 countries, in four continents. Our 98% on-time delivery record will inevitably take a hit but we’re keeping close, with 2 – 4 weeks delay only for some individual countries.


Financially, we have made cuts in non-critical areas. Money ear-marked for future expansion of the business has been moved back into our pre-existing operating cash reserves, just in case. Some team members have volunteered to work shorter weeks for which we’re very grateful, some have been re-allocated to roles more critical to keeping our design, order & delivery services operating well.


We have based our fiscal planning on the assumptions that this unprecedented situation will last a while, and that we can’t confidently rely on Government aid. We’ve modelled every conceivable scenario, planning for the worst whilst hoping for the best.


As a family-run business, we are indebted to our employees, in our locations around the world, for their sacrifices, commitment and positivity in ensuring resilience and sustainability for Samurai. And to our customers for their continued support and calm heads.


We hope you are coping as best you can in the current situation and that you and your families and colleagues are keeping safe and well. We thank NHS staff, staff in international healthcare systems, and all critical workers for their daily hard work, dedication and sacrifices, making it possible for the rest of us to see a way through to the other side of Covid-19.


For potential customers whose teams need customised kit in the near future, you can progress through our customisation process without face to face contact. You can create unique designs for your team using our online 3D kit designer, get quotes from us, get approval of your club or company for your designs, receive samples via mail, and place orders. You can do this autonomously or, if you get in touch, we can hand hold you through it. We can give you access to our graphic design team if you have a particularly exotic or challenging visual identity you are going for. They’ve seen it all.


Yours in sport,