Mens Premier Competition Shirt

The Premier Competition Shirt has been engineered specifically for Hockey players in our athletic Fashion Fit.

Looking and feeling great can help boost your on-field performance. Our modern range of hockey shirts blend styling, practicality and comfort using our exclusive Performex fabric. These shirts are lightweight with high wicking properties, to keep you cool & dry.


Fashion Fit


Smooth Interlock

Product Features:

BREATHABLE This fabric allows air vapour to circulate around the body, keeping the body cooler for longer when worn.
WICKING This fabric has been developed to disperse moisture & allow it to pass through to the surface of the fabric, away from the body so that evaporation takes place, keeping the user cool, dry & comfortable.

Collar Options:

Kingston Collar
Montego Collar
Round Collar

Sleeve Options:

Shaped Sleeve
Shaped Sleeve
Short Sleeve


Label Size Chest (To Fit) Waist (To Fit)
XS 38" 30"
S 40" 32"
M 42" 34"
L 44" 36"
XL 46" 38"
2XL 48" 40"
3XL 50" 42"
4XL 52" 44"
5XL 54" 46"


Label Size Chest (To Fit) Waist (To Fit)
XS 97cm 76cm
S 102cm 81cm
M 107cm 86cm
L 112cm 91cm
XL 117cm 97cm
2XL 122cm 102cm
3XL 127cm 107cm
4XL 132cm 112cm
5XL 137cm 117cm

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