Womens Portland Pro Club Dress

Our Portland dress is a timeless and reliable dress for all clubs and schools. This classic dress has an A-line fit, and is available with a standard or racer style back and two different dress lengths, making it suitable for all age groups.

Manufactured in our durable Performex™ diamond polyester, this semi fit this dress gives you multiple variations to choose from to suit your team’s needs. Choose from a traditional Cut&Sew design or explore the endless possibilities with Sublimation. With different style options, you’ll be sure that your team is equipped with a netball dress that makes them look and perform at their best.


Semi Fit


Diamond Polyester

Product Features:

ANTI-BACTERIAL The fibres in this fabric have been treated to incorporate an anti-bacterial chemical, making the finished garment resistant to the growth of micro-organisms (fungal).
BREATHABLE This fabric allows air vapour to circulate around the body, keeping the body cooler for longer when worn.
WICKING This fabric has been developed to disperse moisture & allow it to pass through to the surface of the fabric, away from the body so that evaporation takes place, keeping the user cool, dry & comfortable.

Back Options:

Racer Back
Standard Back

Collar Options:


Label Size Chest (To Fit) Waist (To Fit) Hip (To Fit)
6 30" 24" 32"
8 32" 25" 34"
10 34" 26" 35"
12 36" 28" 37"
14 38" 30" 39"
16 40" 32" 41"
18 42" 34" 43"
20 44" 36" 46"
22 46" 38" 48"


Label Size Chest (To Fit) Waist (To Fit) Hip (To Fit)
6 76cm 61cm 81cm
8 81cm 63.5cm 86cm
10 86cm 66cm 92cm
12 92cm 71cm 97cm
14 97cm 76cm 102cm
16 102cm 81cm 107cm
18 107cm 86cm 112cm
20 112cm 92cm 117cm
22 117cm 97cm 122cm

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