We believe that every club has the right to be unique. Whether you're an international superstar or a novice, you deserve quality teamwear to be proud of.

Our Factory

We own our manufacturing

That's right, we own our factory in the far east, giving us the freedom and flexibility to manage our supply chain. Giving you endless options on your teamwear as well as clarity on the delivery of your kit.

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Our Fabrics

At Samurai we pride ourselves on using and developing high quality fabrics for our teamwear. Whether using more traditional fabrics for leisurewear, or our range of exclusively developed Performex™ fabrics, we constantly drive innovation to bring top calibre products to market for all our teams.


Performex Fabrics

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Performex™ Features

Look out for these symbols on our product pages to find the technology behind each product.

WINDPROOF The fabrics pores have been closed & therefore will not allow water or air to pass through them making the garment waterproof if used in conjunction with taped seams.
WICKING This fabric has been developed to disperse moisture & allow it to pass through to the surface of the fabric, away from the body so that evaporation takes place, keeping the user cool, dry & comfortable.
WATERPROOF This garment acts against or opposes the penetration of wind or air, removing the chill factor when worn.
UV PROTECTION The UPF rating for this garment indicates how effective the fabric is at blocking out solar ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin. This Samurai garment has a protective rating of 40+
SHOWER PROOF This garment resists water from absorbing/penetrating into the fabric up to a light rainfall keeping you dry.
BREATHABLE This fabric allows air vapour to circulate around the body, keeping the body cooler for longer when worn.
ANTI-BACTERIAL The fibres in this fabric have been treated to incorporate an anti-bacterial chemical, making the finished garment resistant to the growth of micro-organisms (fungal).

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