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Our custom base layer Underskinz range has been developed to achieve two functions. Instead of needing to buy one garment for winter use and one for summer use, you can purchase our Underskinz 142 garment to do two jobs: warm or cool different areas of the body precisely where needed. The full Underskinz range is available made-to-order in five fabric colours and with 22 contrast colours as stitch detail. For large quantity bulk orders the Samurai branding can be reduced and/or repositioned.

BESPOKE UNDERSKINZ – minimum order quantity = 10 pcs


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Our Underskinz range warms and cools the body precisely where needed. The fabric is moisture managed using PerformeX™, which allows the sweat and moisture to move from the body to the outside of the garment. It has compression qualities to improve blood circulation. It also helps to support your muscles to enhance your performance and recovery.

STOCK UNDERSKINZ – minimum individual order quantity = 1 pcs

Need a quick option? We offer a range of Stock Underskinz that can be with you in as little as 48hrs. We also have a team of experts on-site that can personalise your garments with prints and embroidery, making it the ideal solution if you are in a hurry.

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