PUSH FORWARD. Our mantra, our mission statement, is everything to us as a brand and team. It’s what we develop our elite products around, it’s what inspires our partners, athletes, and creators to give their all, no matter the challenges in front of them. It embodies our commitment to the cause and inspires those around us to follow. 

More than a two-word statement, PUSH FORWARD is our community, a movement towards making your individual vision a reality. 

Having the dedication to go that extra mile, to keep pushing yourself, even when you think you’re ready to give up. It’s celebrating your individualism and having the courage to embrace the now and build the future. 

It’s staring down your adversaries and discovering no matter who you are, we each hold the power to create our own story.



This first capsule drop is the launch of a new era for SAMURAI. A modern compact collection to explore what PUSH FORWARD embodies and what it holds for the future.