For the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the Uganda rugby sevens team have partnered with SAMURAI for the highly anticipated sporting event held this year in England. 

Starting on Thursday 28th July, Birmingham holds host to the Commonwealth Games, sometimes referred to as ‘The Friendly Games’; an international sporting event that sees countries from across the commonwealth compete in over 250 different events. 

Not just a sporting tournament, the Commonwealth Games is also a chance to celebrate the diverse global community, and with each nation putting forward their best athletes, over 6,000 competitors ‘go for gold’ and take part in the events. 

Uganda x SAMURAI - 2022 Commonwealth Games

Since 1998, rugby 7s has served as a high octane addition to the sports performed at the Commonwealth Games. Fast-paced and engaging, the seven players of each team face opponents on a full-size rugby pitch. Often considered a more exciting form of the sport - the 7s game is beloved by fans. 

This year, the team representing Uganda - the Uganda Rugby Cranes Sevens - will be sporting SAMURAI, their kit created by us and distributed by Tessen Sports, our exclusive East African Distributor.

CEO of SAMURAI, Stefano Schivo said “SAMURAI are proud to take part in The Commonwealth Games while continuing to support Uganda on its growth in the International Rugby Sevens scene”.

Uganda x SAMURAI - 2022 Commonwealth Games

Terry Sands, Managing Director of Tessen Sports Services, the exclusive Licensee for SAMURAI in East Africa, added: “It is wonderful to see a National Team such as Uganda representing SAMURAI and Tessen at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Tessen and SAMURAI are proud to be able to support Uganda in such a journey with premium sports apparel”.

The Uganda Rugby Cranes Sevens team will also be one of the first to feature our new PRIMO font on their kit.

For more information on the event, check out the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games website