SAMURAI are always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our company and help reduce waste, which is why we have teamed up with Locker Stash, one of the first ever sustainable sportswear charities.

Locker Stash is a Community Interest Company that works with sports clubs from around the UK and overseas. Aiming to create a more environmentally-friendly space in the sporting world, Locker Stash recycle sportswear and invest profits back into the community through grassroots sport. 

Guy Hamer, co-owner and creator of Locker Stash said: "Locker Stash are hugely honoured to be partnered with SAMURAI, a brand synonymous with rugby and sport globally being able to identify and empathise and partner with us to help achieve the mission we have set ourselves to make clubs, schools, universities and manufacturers all over the UK more environmentally sustainable and secure is a large milestone in the direction we are heading.

“We cannot once again thank them enough for partnering and donating their initial boxes of surplus stock in June of this year. This has prevented in excess of 85 kilograms of clothing ending up in landfill and over 1500kg of the equivalent co2 being released in the atmosphere, finally on top of this it has meant that clubs, players and families we see regularly on our trips across our 106 clubs UK wide are able to access a product otherwise usually beyond their reach at an affordable price. For us you cannot put a price on the joy and happiness that then brings.”

Locker Stash have also partnered with many charities, including working with Homeless Rugby and Children’s Hospice South West; providing days out to local families on respite.

Check out their website for more information on Locker Stash, as well as ways in which you can help reduce waste and give back to the community. 


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