We here at SAMURAI want to say a huge congratulations to Noorin Gulam, who last week won the 49kg Women's Weightlifting British Championship, making her the top ranked English lifter and a favourite to qualify for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which will be held in Birmingham later this year.

Noorin was integral to our new brand launch here at SAMURAI in December 2021, featuring in our brand video as well as being the first in our PUSH FORWARD Series of interviews. 

Held in the Derby Arena, last week saw the very best in British weightlifting compete in the British Weightlifting Championships, hoping to win the title and secure the chance to qualify for the Commonwealth Games in the spring.

Weightlifting as a modern sport has been around for more than a century, first appearing in the 1896 Olympics in Athens and was later introduced as a competitive sport at the 1950 Commonwealth Games held in Auckland and has been a core part of the sporting programme ever since. The sport involves athletes performing three lifts in two different disciplines: The Snatch and The Clean & Jerk. The Snatch involves lifting the weight with one, swift, controlled lift, from the floor to the overhead position. The Clean & Jerk is a two-stage lift, wherein the competitor may regain their balance and composure before raising the bar into the same position as The Snatch. In most instances the contestants are able to lift much heavier weights with the Clean & Jerk. In both lifts, the athlete must hold in a static position for the lift to count, finishing with the feet together.

Athletes compete in categories defined by their weight, Noorin competing in the 49kg weight class. Not only did she successfully lift the weight to win her title, she also set a new national record with a Clean & Jerk of 88kg.

Noorin Gulam Weightlifter PUSH FORWARD

Despite the disruption to the Weightlifting calendar due to COVID-19, Noorin smashed her performance, proving how much of an inspiration she is.

We can’t wait to see her compete again and wish her all the best for qualifiers! #TEAMNOORIN


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