To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, SAMURAI have teamed up with some inspiring and courageous women from within the rugby industry to speak about the importance of women’s sport and what courage means to them.

Now live on our socials, we caught up with 8 inspiring sporting women to share their thoughts on what courage and dedication means to those who face adversity whilst pursuing their passion. These short insights showcase the amazing testimonies of Tessa Beecroft, Rachel Johnson, Emily Scott, Megan Foster, Garnet Mackinder, Emily Tuttosi, Jade Konkel and Jasmine Joyce.


At SAMURAI, we encourage and support the non-negotiable pursuit of gender equality within our heritage sporting industry, rugby. We are proud to stand with the sporting women that are inspiring change and making a difference to transform the narrative of women’s sports, and hope to show our love and support to the women’s rugby community and to all those that have shown courage and dedication to break the bias that still surrounds women’s rugby.

“Remember that we all have courage and we all have the ability to help somebody else find it too.” 

Tessa Beecroft, Founder and Director of Give A Ruck

For more information, resources and insights on ways in which you can help show your support visit the International Women’s Day website, or check out international federation World Rugby and their plan to take action for equality and the global development of women in rugby here.

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