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With the assistance of a dedicated account manager we can set up your very own online club shop so that you can sell your products. Over 100 clubs and schools have chosen Samurai Sportswear to operate their online club shop. This is because we offer the most varied options and flexibility in the industry. You can set your own prices, providing the opportunity for your school to raise funds through kickbacks and allow your staff, parents and supporters to order securely and directly, with a free and easy online ordering experience. Not only this, our reports can show you the performance of your store from month to month using graphs and stats. We can report on customers, orders and stock, all at the push of a button! Enabling you to have a full overview of the effectiveness of your shop.

Samurai’s eCommerce solution is the right one for Kent Cricket – It enables us to provide a seamless service to our county age group pathway players. Working closely with the team, we have been able to design a bespoke platform which offers a simple order process for our online customer. in terms of pricing we have been prescriptive in setting them at the rates we wish to charge as opposed to standard pricing structures.

Andy Griffiths

Director of Community Cricket

Kent Cricket

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