A game that started it all. England vs Scotland, 27th March 1871 at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The first ever international match that would go on to shape the development and impact of rugby around the world and start a sporting rivalry that still exists to this day. 

The Great Game.

Thanks to the immense efforts of the Raeburn Place Foundation, we will be treated to an hour-long documentary film telling the true story of this iconic match. Featuring dramatic recreations and interviews from some of sport’s biggest names, this documentary will allow us to witness the world and the journey of the first international.

Directed by the award winning Scottish director Magnus Wake, we will be transported through the events of the game and what came to follow by presenter Richard Bath; acclaimed correspondent, journalist and editor.

SAMURAI have had the great pleasure of creating the historic rugby jerseys for the documentary for both the English and Scottish teams and to be a part of representing such an important piece of sporting history. For a limited time only we are offering these exclusive official replicas to the public. Be a part of history with these unforgettable vintage replica shirts.


The Great Game
 will be available to stream and will be publicly accessible at the new Museum of International Rugby in Edinburgh. 

For more information please visit The Great Game website at thegreatrugbygame.com

Watch the trailer below:

February 03, 2022 — Samurai Sportswear