Neath Rugby Football Club


Neath RFC currently play in the WRU Championship and the Welsh Cup. The club’s nickname, ‘The Welsh All Blacks’, comes from their iconic strip of black jersey, shorts and socks with a white cross pattée. The origin of the team colours is not known for sure. Originally the club’s players represented the team in various dark kits and the Cross pattée was introduced by one of their players, thought to have been E.C. Moxham, “to break the monotony”. It is believed that the strip was later switched to the pure black kit as a mark of respect to player Dick Gordon, who died from injuries sustained on the field of play against Bridgend RFC in 1880.

Neath RFC hold the world record for the number of points (1,917) and tries (345) accumulated in one season (47 Games). This record was set during the 1988/89 season when, it is worth noting, a try was worth only four points.

" As a Club we want to make a statement with our kit in terms of its performance on the pitch, ability for supporters to purchase, to look good and to work with a global brand.  These all add positively to the team’s performance and the image we portray as a professional business.  Samurai presented to us an extremely attractive proposal that will ensure we achieve all of these and at an incredible price.  I worked with Samurai in Hong Kong and they delivered an excellent product and an even better service.  We know we didn’t deliver to our supporters last season on the replica kit front, this will now be rectified. "

Will Thomas, General Manager for Neath RFC