Swansea University

Sport is a major component for success at Swansea University, with over 2500 students competing in the national BUCS Leagues and tournament throughout the academic year. Many of the university’s former students have gone on to play professional sport and there are even players who have reached both the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Their ties in the local community also enable Swansea University to deliver sport at the highest level. Having a strong relationship with Swansea City Football Club means that students have the opportunity to be in close proximity of players who play sport as a profession, and understand everything that needs to be achieved to get to that level.

Swansea University is one of the largest in Wales and every year they take on their rivals Cardiff University in the #WelshVarsity competition. Varsity is always a massive fixture, attracting superb support from student and alumni. Swansea’s successful record, especially in rugby union shows the passion and preparation that the University shows each year.