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Samurai’s Latest: Sublimation Machine

Samurai Sportswear has recently invested in a new, top-of-the-range Sublimation machine to further develop production and ensure your kit is specifically tailored to your team.

With this addition, there are differences to both operational and production procedures. Here are the main changes and benefits; so you can understand more about how Samurai aims to improve your experience.

  1. Piece to Piece vs. Roll to Roll

Previously, Samurai Sportswear operated on a piece to piece format, so each panel has to be individually applied to the fabric. This process is both expensive and time consuming.

With our newest machine, Samurai prints the design onto a roll of paper and passes through the heated rollers, applying itself to the garment fabric. So not only is this quicker, waste is reduced as the fabric only needs to be cut once.

  1. Operations

Samurai’s latest Sublimation machine can guarantee excellent quality in terms of both uniformity and ink penetration. It operates constantly at a wide-range of temperatures so even when applying ink to different fabric types, results are still outstanding.

Samurai’s previous Sublimation machine offered great print coverage, however with an increased number of processes, application errors were more likely to occur.

  1. Benefits/Advantages
  • Improved clarity and definition
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Increased productivity due to reduced number of processes.

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