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Samurai Sportswear and Exeter Chiefs Launch 2016/17 European Match Kit

After recently extending their long term partnership, Samurai Sportswear and the Exeter Chiefs announce the release of the 2016/17 European match kit. 

Set to make its competitive debut at the Singha Premiership Sevens in Exeter on July 23rd, the kit will be worn by the first XV as they take on Europe’s elite sides both at home in Devon and across the continent during the 2016/17 season.

Initially inspired by the Northern Lights, the match kit features a range of blue and pink hues in a sublimated design that emulate the beautiful colours created by the earth’s atmosphere. Created in-house by the Samurai design team, Exeter’s sixth European kit focuses on the spiritual side of Native American culture.

Believing that they were a small part of something much bigger, American Indians focussed on nurturing the world to purify their aura as they passed onto the spirit world. Different aura colours signify different meanings; violet and pink are thought to indicate contentment and purity, blue is said to stimulate intuition and ensure calmness and indigo is claimed to be the aura of reflection of contemplation. This kit echoes the growth and insight that the Exeter Chiefs have acquired on its journey with Samurai over the last six years; whilst also hinting about their ability to develop as they step forth into the future.

Throughout the existing partnership, Samurai Sportswear and the Exeter Chiefs have worked alongside one another to develop the very highest quality of match shirts. This year, advancements produced through years of work together can be found on Exeter’s OMG ICONIX™ match shirt. Constructed from a high performance 4D fabric, it works in tandem with each individual athlete, extending movement instead of restricting it; whilst maintaining tensile strength. Other attributes include an integrated collar, GPS pouch, bicep sculpted sleeves, anti-pinch underarms and sculpted diverted side seam panelling, making it increasingly difficult for the opposition to pull down the Chiefs.

Once again the kit will bear the Exeter city crest as well as the club’s major sponsors, including: SW Comms, Watson Fuels, Centrax, Flybe, Frobishers Juices and the Otter Brewery.

Tony Rowe OBE, Chief Executive and chairman of Exeter Rugby Club, said: “A big part of the new season for our supporters is often the launch of our new Cup kit, which we know attracts a lot of interest and excitement amongst our fan base.

“Ever since we got promoted into the Premiership, we have worked closely with Samurai Sportswear to come up with inventive kit designs that not only play well, but also portray the club in the right light, not only in England, but across Europe as well.

“Our playing side are heavily involved in helping to develop the playing strip every year and we’re delighted that Samurai Sportswear having again come up trumps in terms of our new Cup kit for the 2016/17 season. I’ve no doubt it will again prove hugely popular amongst our supporters.”

Samurai Sportswear’s Head of UK Sales, Mike Atkin added, “At Samurai Sportswear we’re always striving to be original in our designs and make a strong and lasting impression on the pitch. With our extended contract with the Exeter Chiefs, we have been able to take their European shirt in a new direction; adapting elements that we have known to work well over the last six years with innovative features that aim to enhance both design and performance.  The high ambitions of the club are very clear and we are working with them closely to ensure a successful new future together.”

The shirt will be available for supporters to purchase through the club’s official trading post as well as online on both Samurai Sportswear and Exeter Chiefs websites.

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Samurai Sportswear and British Military Fitness Take it to the Next Level

British Military Fitness (BMF), the UK’s undisputed leader in outdoor fitness, has agreed a new partnership with Samurai Sportswear. The long term contract will see the Norfolk based custom teamwear manufacturer create a collection of kit for the British Military Fitness Instructors, as well as a range of participator session bibs and membership t-shirts.

British Military Fitness was founded in April 1999 by Sergeant Harry Sowerby as an alternative form of group fitness training to gyms. Starting out with just three participants at its first class in Hyde Park, British Military Fitness has grown to lead over 400 sessions in 140 locations nationwide, with over 12,000 participants now taking part in the outdoor fitness classes each week. Welcoming people of all fitness levels who want to get fit but struggle to find the motivation, BMF combines inspiring group exercise led by real, military-trained professionals to deliver life-changing results with serious fun guaranteed.

Samurai Sportswear’s Head of UK Sales, Mike Atkin, speaking of the new collaboration said; “British Military Fitness has found an innovative way to make exercise both fun and effective, and welcomes people with varying fitness abilities and backgrounds, from beginners to fitness experts. We look forward to seeing British Military Fitness’ instructors and members in our Samurai branded apparel, which I’m sure will contribute further to the ‘Serious Fun’ they instill in their sessions. We’re certainly excited to welcome BMF to the Samurai Family.”

Harry Sowerby, Managing Director at British Military Fitness, added: “Samurai is well known in the industry for providing training and leisure wear that conforms to the highest standards and quality, so teaming up with the company to kit out our instructors and members seemed like an obvious choice.  Each week we train thousands of eager fitness fans across the UK, so we are looking forward to working closer with Samurai in the coming months to provide these loyal members with some of the highest quality kit the industry can offer.”

To find out more about British Military fitness, please visit: www.britishmilitaryfitness.com and to find out more about Samurai Sportswear, visit: www.samurai-sports.com

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Upgrade Your Kit to Samurai’s OMG Iconix™

Our OMG Iconix™ Match Kit is Samurai’s pioneering Rugby shirt, and we personally believe that this is the most technically advanced kit currently on the market. Worn by the #SamuraiFamily’s most elite sides, it has the ability to provide additional on-field advantages that give you that extra edge on game day.

Some of the world’s premier rugby stars including Jack Nowell, Josh Beaumont and Oscar Ouma benefit from this tailored garment, engineered in a 4D high performance fabric that works in tandem with each individual athlete, extending movement instead of restricting it; whilst maintaining its tensile strength. Other features of the competition fit match shirt include an integrated collar, bicep sculpted sleeves, anti-pinch underarms and sculpted diverted side seam panelling, making it increasingly difficult for the opposition to pull you down.


Overall, this shirt offers both ultimate comfort and performance in a style that can be created individual to your team. Until the 24th of June 2016, Samurai Sportswear is giving you the opportunity to upgrade your kit to the OMG ICONIX™ Match kit for free.

You’ll work alongside our in house design and production team to create a range of garments that are not only distinct to your team but you will be proud to put on each time you run out onto the pitch. 

To find out more about our exclusive offer, get in touch with a member of the Samurai Sportswear Customer Service team on 01508 531010 or click here for more info: http://bit.ly/1RT3NGs


Samurai Sportswear and Army Rugby Union Pay Tribute to the Battle of the Somme

Samurai Sportswear and the Army Rugby Union have once again joined forces to bring you their latest commemorative Rugby shirt, ‘Battle of the Somme’.

July 1st marks the 100th anniversary of one of the largest conflicts of World War I, the Battle of the Somme. Fought over 141 days, British and French allies engaged against the Germans over a 15-mile front in an attempt to relieve the French Army.

On the first day alone the British Army suffered over 19,000 losses, which to this day remains the bloodiest day in their history. By November 19th more than one million soldiers were either severely injured or had lost their lives.

Inspiration for the 360° sublimated design comes from the first day. British troops captured three square miles of territory by cutting through barbed wire strategically set up by the Germans in ‘No-Man’s land’.

The background features an original image that maps the battlefield around the Somme; showing 15 miles of rivers and forests that formed the canvas of one of the most defining periods of the war. A black cloud of smoke in the centre of the shirt symbolises fire from a British 18-pounder field artillery gun that covered troops whilst on ground assaults.

A remastered image on the back is presumed to be part of one of the ‘Pal’s Battalions’, taken amidst the battle. The Somme Thiepval Memorial in the background as well as the quote “They Died That We May Live” provide a fitting tribute not only to those who were part of these battalions, but to every man who lost their lives defending their nation.

Other details include the Army Rugby Union logo on the left chest, the dates of the battle on the right sleeve and Royal British Legion logo on the left sleeve. The standard collar has the dates ‘1916’ and ‘2016’ to celebrate the 100th anniversary whilst the black raglan cut sleeves are a reflection of the armbands worn by those who were back at home to remember those who fell on the battlefield.

When asked about the shirt Mike Atkin, Head of UK Sales for Samurai Sportswear said; “This is just one of a number of fantastic rugby shirts we have developed whilst working alongside the Army Rugby Union. The thought that goes into every design from both sides means that each shirt tells a story of moments in history; with the Battle of the Somme Rugby shirt providing no exception.”

Kimberley Fowke, the ARU’s Shop Manager, added “We have experienced great success working with Samurai Sportswear, developing carefully planned, commemorative Rugby shirts that elegantly pay tribute to those who have served, this being our sixth annual remembrance shirt. The challenge we face is to continue to develop garments that continue to show improvement and innovation but are respectful, dignified and present the Army Rugby Union and the British Army in an appropriate manner.  The latest shirt has been developed specially in commemoration of the Battle of the Somme Centenary. We are really pleased with this latest collaboration and are excited to launch this shirt to recognise such a significant anniversary.”

This shirt is exclusively available to the ARU until July 1st 2016 and can be bought here.


Samurai Sportswear Reveal GB Sevens Kits


Working closely with the GB Sevens the Samurai in-house design team have revealed a bold and patriotic event kit design in red, white and blue that will be worn as part of the teams preparations for Rio as they take part in a number of high level exhibition tournaments this summer.

The Samurai elite level OMG Iconix™ match shirts come in sublimated contemporary designs that are heavily influenced by the Union Jack and both distinctively British. Both shirts are finished with the GB Sevens logo on the left chest as well as the Union Flag situated on the back neck.

Speaking of the partnership, Terry Sands, Managing Director of Samurai Sportswear stated, “We are proud to be given this opportunity to become the official kit suppliers to GB Sevens. They will most definitely enjoy our exclusive range of technically advanced PERFORMEX™ fabrics and specifically our OMG Iconix™ Match Shirt that provides athletes with a superior engineered fit and that cutting edge, which is so important on game day.”

“Everyone here at Samurai is very excited about the new partnership and we can’t wait to see the teams in our renowned kit designs as Samurai continues to drive innovation, progression and development within rugby teamwear.”

The men’s squad begin their preparation in the Rugby Europe Sevens Series in Moscow (4-5 June), before heading onto Exeter (9-10 July) and Gdynia (16-17 July) as well as Sevens and the City at Allianz Park (2 July).  The women’s preparations will start by playing in the Rugby Europe’s tournament in Kazan (11-12 June) before moving onto an invitational event in Tignes (14-16 July).

Fans can show their support with the official GB Sevens replica shirt, which is currently available at samurai-sports.com